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President’s Message from Alvester Gibson

Welcome to the Balch Springs Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is to connect businesses and create an atmosphere to grow. When you invest your dollars and time with us we want to make sure that we reciprocate the business with our support and referrals.

I am extremely passionate about each business, mom-and-pop or corporation; the service is the same. I am asked quite often, what is the benefit of joining the Chamber? Why should I invest in your organization? Businesses that connect with us can become more visible through our website, office, luncheons, marketing, events, and our support.

Becoming a Chamber member in the eyes of the community validates you as a partner in the city. My message to each business is to spend money with each other first before going outside the city. As Marcus Garvey said, “Charity begins at home then abroad.” The Balch Springs Chamber’s vision for the future is to make sure every business receives a visit and an opportunity to partner with us.

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Coffee With The Coach

After Hours Networking Event

Follow the link below to join. https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87379299130?pwd=ekcwTitBcjNwcHlTVHd5b255NzdRQT09#success

KaBOOM Playground Build

Red Force Intern Opportunity

2020 COVID testing date July MLK and Balch Springs

SBA PPP Loan Extension




Civic Center
12400 Elam Road
Balch Springs, Texas 75180
Phone: 972-557-0988
Fax: 972-590-8867

Chamber of Commerce will have a temporary office move due to corona-virus pandemic to the Balch Springs City Hall which is located at 13503 Alexander Rd, Balch Springs, TX 75181
Contact number: 903-319-6668
Email: ceo@balchspringschamber.org


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